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There and Back Again

The Lost Jacket

Remember the above website’s logo? I sure do. It’s what got my foot in the door at Mullen and it’s what largely is responsible for me having a career at all (Thanks, Edward & David). It’s not much to look at, it’s not high resolution and you can see the bad photoshop job on the hangar. However, it’s always going to have a very special place in my heart, after all it’s where I started.

So why now? Simple: I want to get back to some sense of rhythm and normalcy AND I want to get back to an online community that I feel I desperately need. I last wrote meaningful (read) blogs in 2011, that was a lifetime ago. I’ve gone from Boston, LA, to Chicago. I even was a partner at two startups here in Chicago (agency & consultancy). The last five or so years have done a number on me – agency entrepreneurship will do that to you.

One major positive from all that? I’m now happily working for what was my largest agency client Innovative Care as the Chief Marketing Officer. (Yep, I’m client side). I’ve helped build the brand from a single urgent care location to a full fledged healthcare brand with multiple service lines over the last five years, occupying the CMO role for the last year. (If you’re in need of a COVID test in the Chicago area, we got you covered).

Belaboring the point, yes, I’m back to blogging, that thing that was in vogue somewhere in the mid aughts and died before tumblr did. Nevertheless, people still like to read and I have a lot to say. From lessons (most of which I’ve learned the hard way) to thoughts, predictions & commentary on the marketing, advertising, growth & anything in between.

Some of what I write will be wrong, some of it will be eerily prescient. A lot of it will be my best effort to say something meaningful in a world full of filter bubbles and the complete reset that has happened this year.

Another thing I’ll be doing? Reading more, after all, I’ve not done nearly enough learning as I’ve wanted to this half decade. So if you’ve moved to greener pastures, have new homes, or just want to clue me in on a great person to learn from? Leave them in the comments.

You can expect a regular diet of actual blogs starting October 1st. This is going to be fun.

In the timeless words of Michael Jordan: “I’m Back.”

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